Audubon North Carolina
Curtis Smalling

NestAudubon North Carolina (ANC) is actively engaged in Golden-winged Warbler (Vermivora chrysoptera) research and conservation. As part of the larger research cooperative effort and the Golden-winged Warbler Working Group, Audubon North Carolina is conducting research on basic demographics, genetics, productivity, and wintering distribution. ANC staff have contributed samples for the range-wide genetic atlas, field tested and implemented the revised Golden-winged Warbler Atlas Project protocol, spot mapped territories, estimated return rates for banded birds, and conducted extensive vegetation surveys on the breeding grounds. Audubon North Carolina has also particpated with Alianza Alas Doradas by conducting and supporting efforts to survey wintering distribution in Nicaragua. Almost 100 individuals were found in Nicaragua this year with more surveys planned for 2010.

Audubon is also working with private land owners and land trusts to manage for Golden-winged Warblers on private lands. With our partners (the NC Wildlife Resources Commission and various local and national land trusts), we are helping write management prescriptions for conservation easements and for stewardship plans on private lands. We currently have a proposal under consideration for a major effort to reach out to landowners with management agreements with a goal of 1000 acres of managed private lands for Golden-winged Warblers in Northwest North Carolina.

Picture Right: Brewster's Warbler